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  • Glorious new Luukaa!

    Definitely one of my favourite new discoveries this year! Luukaa is a range which fits all my criteria….

    Criteria?  Well, yes for clothes that I love wearing over and over and that become my favourites….

    So what are the criteria?

    Comfortable to wear – very definitely – especially if you almost don’t feel like you are wearing them, they become like a second skin…..

    Unusual and a little bit quirky – always a bonus in my eyes, after all, you don’t want to be wearing just what everyone else is, do you? ……

    Well behaved – another in the very definitely category – there is nothing worse than constantly feeling you looked crumpled and dishevelled – unless that is because you are wearing linen of course! This Luukaa jersey is defintely well behaved, as I proved when I recently threw a Luukaa dress in a very small overnight bag in a hurry and then pulled it straight out to wear.

    Feels great…..definitely a bonus again…..you just know its good when you feel like you can forget what you are wearing and just enjoy life…..

    Gets great compliments – well defintely a big bonus and always good for the soul!

    IMG_7578 IMG_7588 IMG_7590 IMG_7584