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  • Travelling hand luggage only?

    If you are like me, the older I get or to put it better, the more experienced in life I become, you realise there is more to life than hauling huge bags of luggage, much of which you probably don’t bother to wear anyway…..

    Which is why this great dress appealed…..

    P1240419 P1240416 P1240430 P1240429 P1240428 P1240429

    6 different looks and just one dress….wear this loose and casual, slouch the shoulder. pull up high and bag over the top, wear mid length, twist through the waist, the options are endless….

    Wear in the day with flip flops, and a sparkly sandal, big up with a wedge, add some funky jewellery……

    Whatever your fancy this is one heck of a travelling dress as you can do so much…..

    Fab in Navy and White or Grey and White stretch viscose

    Not bad for the princely sum of £29!