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  • Hurrah! – it’s National Pie Week!



    Now, I am not sure about you, but Pies are not my usual choice of food, ( I’m a bit funny with pastry and even if I do indulge, often leave most of it!) but as it is National Pie Week, I guess I might be tempted to indulge….I do have very fond memories of visiting a local continental style bakery as a child and the Friday treat being their Steak and Kidney Pies – which were absoloutely delicious!

    These days however the word “Pie” just throws me into horror and thinking about the phrase “who ate all the pies?” and wondering if people assume my curves come from constantly stuffing myself with pies? – possibly not desirable of course!!!!

    Anyway – from that, I got to thinking, we all have days when you feel like you could be accused of eating all the pies – so what best to wear to hide bloating and not feeling your best?




    So, if pies are your thing, or you are just feeling not quite as sylph like as you woud like, fear not there are plenty of great tops and dresses to disguise imperfections!  The key thing is to ensure a good close fit at the side of the rib to draw the eye to what is often out slimest or narrowest  point – then let the clothes drift from there and the fit at the rib will trick the brain into feeling everything else looks the same!   Taa dahh!